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                Wellbeing – Fuel Your Tank

                Michelle Sales/21 September 2021
                2 minutes read time
                Our life is what our thoughts make it.

                – Marcus Aurelius


                This two-hour workshop is a critical enabler for you to understand what it takes to not just manage your wellbeing, but to be the very best version of yourself. We take a unique look at what this means for teams to optimise energy and performance and create new sustainable habits.

                In this workshop you will…

                • Understand the neuroscience of wellbeing and the tools required to optimise and fuel your brain for high performance;
                • Learn what it takes to build your speed and strength of resilience;
                • Explore how to manage your vitality and energy differently;
                • Commit to setting balance and boundaries that enable your success;
                • Develop your team wellbeing strategies.

                This workshop is strategically timed to ensure teams can sustain themselves until the end of the year. They will find ways to build their wellbeing more effectively. It will bring your teams together to enhance your performance by maximising opportunities for growth of individuals and collectively, the team.

                This is not a publicly offered program so email [email protected] to book in your workshop.

                It’s a fun and engaging alternative to your next team meeting!

                Michelle Sales/21 September 2021