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                Strengths – Leverage Your Potential

                Michelle Sales/14 September 2021
                4 minutes read time

                Think back to something you’ve achieved that you’re proud of. What is it that you’re naturally great at, that energises you and brings you joy? What are you doing when you feel at your best and your performance is at its peak?


                Playing to your strengths is less effort and more bang for your money.

                It helps you feel happier and be more engaged. It helps you grow, develop and have the impact you look for. Playing to your strengths takes you from aspirations to making it happen, achieving the goals you’ve set yourself, closing the gap to become what you want to be.

                As a coach, I find that I am utilising strength spotting most of the time with my clients. I am listening to the language that they use. Looking for the energy they are showing or not showing. What people are paying attention to or not, what motivates or de-motivates them, and the tone of their voice. This enables me to hold the mirror up to them at times and understand how they are leveraging their strengths in their leadership work. How they are overcoming their weaknesses to get their job done in the best possible way.

                This 2-hour Strengths workshop is for teams who want to understand and get to know their strengths, to be able to perform with impact and feel energised. More effectively, they find ways to leverage what they’re great at in a really practical way.

                Utilising the Strengths Profile Assessment Tool can change the way you assess, develop and leverage talent in your people.

                This workshop will bring you together to enhance your team’s performance by maximising opportunities for the growth of individuals and collectively, the team.

                This is not a publicly offered program so email [email protected] to book your workshop. It’s a fun and engaging alternative to your next team meeting.

                Individuals can also take part in Strengths Profiling. If you want to find out more contact us.

                Michelle Sales/14 September 2021