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                Adaptive Leadership

                Are you looking to....

                Maximise your leaders' impact?

                Challenge the status quo and thrive in changing environments?

                Develop more adaptive leadership capability when facing change, uncertainty, and volatility?

                ADAPT OR DIE........that's the crux of it!

                We will challenge and support you to build adaptive capacity and capability in your leadership. All organisations and teams are facing change like never before and leaders need to look deeply within themselves and build strength in their core to be able to effectively do the hard work of leadership. This program will set you up to lead with courage and be deliberate about the impact you want to make. Its immersive experiences raise the heat and challenge leaders to make progress on changes and opportunities most important to them.

                Built to enable you to deliver on your strategy, recognising your unique context and challenges.

                Adaptive Leadership Workouts

                Start With Me - Self (Days 1 & 2)

                • Assess – your self-awareness – to deepen your sense of who you are at your core.
                • Diagnose – how to show up as your best self and what this means for your leadership.
                • Ask – what is my leadership impact and how does this align with my values, beliefs, and assumptions. How do I successfully sustain myself and my leadership?
                • Propose – feedback based on good intentions and with a purpose to make good progress on how you exercise leadership.
                • Test - out actions – what change do you need to make.

                Create the Right Environment and Culture - Team (Day 3)

                • Assess – tools and tactics to build trust, think strategically, and execute in an environment of change and uncertainty.
                • Diagnose – how to be authentic in your leadership and engage more effectively whilst leading change
                • Ask – about the bigger picture so as to best observe, interpret and intervene effectively.
                • Propose – insights into determining the level of trust that your leadership builds. Different ways to make progress on your most challenging leadership opportunities.
                • Test – your ability to exercise leadership and have impact without formal authority. And to adopt different actions to better service yourself and your team.

                Leading across the Organisation - (Day 4)

                • Assess – your organisation’s adaptive capability, the implications, and then actions to take.
                • Diagnose – learn to think politically and influence in an environment that’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.
                • Ask – how to foster an adaptive culture and how trust and heat coexist to mobilise people into the unknown.
                • Propose – how to lead in a way that builds teams and cultures that are agile, responsive and able to thrive in changing conditions.
                • Test – out how to make progress on important challenges your organisation faces.

                Adaptive Leadership Workouts

                For teams who recognise what got us here, won’t get us there

                To thrive in constantly changing conditions, people and their organisations need to learn how to diagnose a situation and adapt accordingly. This program immerses participants in the disequilibrium of adaptive change while learning skills to lead in a dynamic environment. Leaders are called on to lead with courage, skill and to challenge the status quo.

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                We love working with businesses and individuals who want to have a positive impact on the world around them

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                What our clients have to say

                Improving the lives of people and their organisations through great leadership isn’t just a business for Michelle, it’s her genuine passion. In a world where technology continues to disrupt at a pace never seen before. Michelle gives teams the tools to reach their full potential and increase performance. She is a true master at maximizing leadership potential in an authentic manner.

                Janelle Hopkins, CFO Australia Post

                Michelle works with myself and my executive team here at The Royal Women's Hospital. Michelle has clearly identified the key areas for performance improvement for my team and has been working with us to identify strategies and behaviours to assist us in being a more productive and high functioning team. Michelle is an experienced coach and organisational behaviour expert which is evident in her ability to grasp team dynamics quickly and effectively and respond in group settings. She has shown a strong ability to tailor activities in leadership sessions to meet the needs of my team. This has assisted in engaging the team throughout the leadership sessions. Michelle will play a vital role in the continued development of my Executive team and lift their overall performance.

                Sue Matthews, CEO The Royal Women’s Hospital