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                Adaptive Leadership
                Exposing leaders to adaptive challenges to help them lead with courage in the face of increased volatility
                Leadership IMPACT
                Creating teams with impact who are connected, empowered and aligned to drive the performance of their organisations
                Women in Leadership
                Providing high potential women with a unique opportunity to develop their leadership
                Connected Leadership
                Developing leaders’ deep trust and connection to increase their capacity for leadership performance
                Confident Leaders
                Building confidence to achieve your full potential and increase your courage to give anything a go
                Life by Design
                Reflecting on and building a life you love and a career full of meaning and purpose you can be proud of
                Leadership Workshops
                Maximising opportunities for growth of individuals and collectively, the team
                Capturing and inspiring audiences to take action through strong messages and engaging presentations
                Partnering with clients to lift performance, maximise leadership potential and positively impact lives
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                Leadership is real work. We believe that with the right investment in your leadership you are able to maximise your potential and perform at your best.

                If it's possible in the world, it is possible for you. It's just a matter of how.

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                Why choose Michelle Sales Leadership


                Our team is passionate about helping people tap into their true potential – in leadership and in life! We believe in the power of the ripple effect. We focus on the development of truly impactful and connected leaders who in turn have a positive impact on the world around them.


                For over a decade, we have been helping leaders to be the best they can be and lead with both their heads and hearts. We keep ourselves at the forefront of leadership to ultimately deliver leadership solutions and unique value to help organisations thrive.


                We love to collaborate closely with our clients, to understand their business needs, and partner with them to form their outcomes. We build deep trust and show we truly care and take our relationships seriously. We value the fun and joy in working with you.


                We ensure our solutions are robust, effective and sustainable but we also pride ourselves on our adaptability. We are highly responsive to feedback and will continue to adapt and grow to maximise our impact. Our transparent, open and honest approach allows for true connection and accountability.

                What our clients have to say

                Michelle is an authentic, down to earth facilitator who is able to “read the room” and adapt to meet the needs of all participants. Michelle and Angela listen and design sessions that meet the needs of the team, and straddles the right balance of strategic through to applied, tangible plans for action and change

                Alix Candy – Director of People and Patient Experience The Royal Women’s Hospital

                Michelle deeply listened, and gently pushed us to uncover why (and where) we are an effective team and opportunities to be more effective. She created a comfortable environment so as individuals we shared more about ourselves, our values and what we value than I expected going in!

                Madeleine Seletto - Head of HRBP Commercial & Technical BHP

                Michelle and Team challenge your current thought processes and leadership style and ultimately help you to unpack what this means to you personally and how this impacts your professional roles. The sessions are designed to help you question and understand those areas of your leadership which are often overlooked and put in the 'too hard basket' whilst allowing you to be open-minded to leading differently and from a holistic angle. If you are looking for a program which has your overall development at the centre of its purpose and a program that's led by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, I highly recommend Michelle Sales Leadership.

                Natalie Grodzki - People Experience Manager The Royal Women's Hospital

                Improving the lives of people and their organisations through great leadership isn’t just a business for Michelle, it’s her genuine passion. In a world where technology continues to disrupt at a pace never seen before – Michelle gives teams the tools to reach their full potential and increase performance. She is a true master at maximizing leadership potential in an authentic manner.

                Janelle Hopkins - Group CFO Australia Post

                “What an awesome session! We were so fortunate to have Michelle join us to speak on Confidence as we introduced our WomenatME affinity group. Michelle was brilliant and taught us about how we can: • Show up as the best version of ourselves; • Stand up for ourselves and our point of view; • Speak up and have our voices heard; and • Step up and show leadership. We learnt so many tips and tricks of how to build confidence - now to put them all into action! Thanks Michelle!”

                Lauren Zammit - Senior HR Business Partner ME Bank

                There will be certain parts of the TLC that will resonate far greater for you than other parts. You will have your "aha" moments and immunity to change and the positioning matrix were mine. Absolutely life changing for someone who has done a 180 and is establishing a new way of working for themselves. Cannot recommend TLC more highly.

                Katherine Navarro, General Council D& C Contractor

                This program is fabulous! Michelle and the team are personable and authentic, enabling participants to feel comfortable, engaged and honest for a great learning experience. This is a program every female leader should attend.

                Lina Piscitelli, Head of Lending Operations Bank First

                Michelle Sales and the TLC course has provided me with an injection of equal parts insight, practical tools and motivation to pick up my game. The six month structure of 1:1 coaching and face-to-face sessions with an engaged and smart group of amazing women, has meant I have also gained knowledge and awareness of other sectors and challenges. Michelle is the driver of change with passion, intelligence, knowledge and warmth. I would recommend this learning opportunity without hesitation.

                Jacqui Kinder - Head of Program Delivery Alannah & Madeline Foundation

                Meet our Team

                Learn how to lead to your full potential

                It’s not enough just to feel confident. You have to do the work.

                The Power of Real Confidence provides the linkages to why confidence is critical to leadership success at both the individual and team level and gives practical ways to build confidence in an authentic way for sustainable success.

                The Connection Deficit

                Feeling connected is the ultimate human condition. Connection is what transforms an organisation from ‘everyone for themselves’ to one where everyone is rowing in the same direction. Connected Leadership focuses on what it takes for leaders to truly connect with their people, build trust and go beyond engagement.

                Download The Connection Deficit whitepaper to explore why leaders must bring both head and heart to work to build trust, lift engagement and accelerate organisational results.

                Our Partners

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