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                Leadership Workshops

                Are you looking to....

                Bring your team together for a short and fun development session?

                Inject energy, bring about change or reconnect your team with what they do best?

                Elevate your team's leadership with confidence, strengths, wellbeing or the power to change?

                We bring teams together to enhance performance by maximising opportunities for growth, of individuals and collectively, the team.

                Our Leadership Workshops

                Workshops Overview

                Our Leadership Workshops are built to provide teams with the necessary skills to boost their confidence, leverage their strengths, be the very best version of themselves and address the challenges of personal change to make new habits stick. The objective: to reach full potential and elevate leadership.


                Our Strengths workshop is for teams who want to understand and get to know their strengths, to be able to perform with impact and feel energised. To find ways to leverage more effectively what they’re great at in a really practical way.

                Utilising the Strengths Profile assessment tool can change the way you assess, develop and leverage talent in your people.


                This Wellbeing workshop is a critical enabler for you to understand what it takes to not just manage your wellbeing but to be the very best version of yourself. We take a unique look at what this means for teams to optimise energy and performance and create new sustainable habits.

                Based on the neuroscience of wellbeing and the tools required to optimise and fuel your brain for high performance, we explore how to manage vitality, energy and boundaries to develop individual and teams’ wellbeing strategies.


                This Confidence workshop will give you practical tools to develop confidence in and amongst others whilst having some fun building your own confidence muscle. It will leave you energised about the possibilities to build or expand your confidence and prepare you to walk away with a desire to take action.

                Using our Real Confidence model, you will understand and be able to practice the key elements to show up, stand up, speak up and step up with confidence.

                Adaptive Change

                Based on the work of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s Immunity to Change, this workshop will enable you to make progress with important but persistently resistant leadership development goals.

                It is built to provide teams with the necessary skills to break through limitations and reach their potential. To challenge their underlying adherence to the status quo, to test their assumptions and make change stick.

                Strategic Influence

                Leveraging the Adaptive Leadership Process, this workshop shows participants how to firstly OBSERVE and read the play to understand what’s going on in “the system”. Make courageous INTERPRETATIONS based on the observations and lastly understand what INTERVENTIONS are needed to have the influence and impact you are looking for.

                Powerful Conversations

                It is through great conversations that people connect, empathise, collaborate and grow.

                In this workshop you’ll learn how conversations happen on many levels. How to identify the level of your interactions with your team, your stakeholders, the people around you and what outcomes you can expect from them to improve your impact and performance.

                Personal Brand

                Being deliberate and cultivating your personal brand and reputation is one of the best ways to set yourself up for future opportunities and to help you stand out.

                This workshop will help you to authentically do the work on your brand to ensure your talents get known, recognised and appreciated. Both at an individual and team’s level, participants will deepen their insights and awareness of who they are and how to proactively build their brand.

                Ready to Connect?

                We love working with businesses and individuals who want to have a positive impact on the world around them

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                Other Leadership Training

                Adaptive Leadership

                Exposing leaders to adaptive challenges to help them lead with courage in the face of increased volatility.

                Leadership IMPACT

                Creating teams with impact who are connected, empowered and aligned to drive the performance of their organisations.

                Women in Leadership

                Providing high potential women with a unique opportunity to develop their leadership.

                Connected Leadership

                Developing leaders’ deep trust and connection to increase their capacity for leadership performance.

                Confident Leaders

                Building confidence to achieve your full potential and increase your courage to give anything a go.

                What our clients have to say

                Michelle is such an incredibly inspiring woman who captivates a room with such ease by simply being herself. We were so lucky to recently have Michelle facilitate a session for a group of aspiring female leaders at AFL Victoria on how to develop real confidence which in her words is ‘a vital ingredient to leadership success.’ Thank you, Michelle, for providing such a personally and professionally life changing learning experience for these women who will undoubtably discover the power of real confidence and lead to their full potential as a result of your session.

                Katie Reaper, Owner Yellow Lab Consulting Facilitator of the AFL Victoria Women’s Leadership Program

                Michelle’s authentic and personable style instantly makes her audience feel compelled to listen. Her sessions offer a great balance, enabling participants to build their knowledge, whilst being thought provoking, interactive and challenging participants to work outside of their comfort zone. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future and would highly recommend her for any leadership program.

                Kate McLauchlan Life Saving Victoria, Ready2Lead