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                Still riding the wave and incredibly grateful

                Michelle Sales/07 November 2022
                1 minute read time

                We won’t be talking about our new website much longer, it’s a promise. But since its launch 2 weeks ago we have had an avalanche of heart-warming comments we want to acknowledge.

                This is what we’ve heard:

                Unless you have created a brand and website, it's hard to appreciate just HOW much work goes into it. Congratulations for getting to the other side of this Michelle. Lots of thought and a clear intention has guided you. Corrinne Armour

                Congratulations Michelle and team. This is amazing and I can’t wait to continue to work with you and the amazing team 👏👏. Gerri Hill

                Congratulations Michelle and team. What a fabulous fresh and modern website that represents your expertise…Thrilled to be able to continue to work with you…. Linda Barry

                Congratulations Michelle & team. Website looks great! Love the knowledge hub. Marina Shnaider

                We want to let you know we appreciate you taking the time to browse and let us know what you think. We’ve already said how important your feedback is to us. How we want the best customer experience and smooth sailing when it comes to finding the answers you’re looking for or accessing interesting and forward thinking information.

                But more than that, it’s also very moving to see you’re on board with our new look and feel. That you know how much effort goes into doing something like this. Getting to this point would not have happened without your support and your kind words don’t ever go unnoticed. Thanks to you all. Enjoy!

                Michelle Sales/07 November 2022