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                Why engage a speaker now?

                Michelle Sales/14 November 2022
                1 minute read time

                Empathy and connection are at the core of many success stories. The story of great leaders, influence gurus and the most engaging speakers. This is not a surprising fact. A few weeks ago we were talking about going back in front of a room full of people and connecting with them, engaging and motivating them to boost team impact and performance.

                With empathy, a speaker understands where the audience is at, what their challenges may be and offers an outside renewed perspective. They also propose tips and useful ways to tackle opportunities and challenges and most importantly, by engaging the audience, they can drive a call to action.

                That is exactly the point?

                At this time of year, we are all caught between huge amounts still to finish off, not long to go till the break and a probable decrease in our energy levels… where do we get the right motivation from? We draw from connecting with others, we empathise about where we’re at and we cheer each other on for the final stretch. We want to get together and celebrate before the year is over and use this to look at the future with renewed enthusiasm.

                Whether you’re rewarding your team, getting together to set up next years’ strategy or injecting a little team connection to finish 2022 strong; engaging a speaker will help you create an experience that will motivate, inspire and compel them to action.

                Getting out of the routine

                Because a speaker comes from outside the organisation, their ideas and perspectives will feel and sound new and different. They often shine a new light on things you’ve become too close to and can help turn things around.

                Because it’s different, it also comes as a breather often reinvigorating. And lastly and most importantly, because you are engaging a speaker, you are showing your people you care to invest in them.

                Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a little break in the day-to-day? Who doesn’t benefit from a little inspiration and motivation to end the year on a high? Plus, there’s always something new to learn and a keynote is a fun way to achieve all these things.

                If you need to energise and motivate your people, if you want to add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to your next team meeting, town hall or end of year event, book Michelle Sales as your speaker.

                Michelle Sales/14 November 2022