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                Personal Change – Break Through Limitations

                Michelle Sales/05 October 2021
                2 minutes read time
                Change is a journey … it happens incrementally over time

                As we coach our clients or help teams implement new habits to practice their strengths approach, sustain their wellbeing, or build their confidence, a question will inevitably be asked, how do I make this stick?

                The challenge of personal change is breaking through limitations that often run deep in our psychological immune system. People find it hard to change and often revert to old habits. This is because of our underlying adherence to the status quo, to what we know and what feels safe.

                Based on the work of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s Immunity to Change, this 2-hour workshop will enable you to make progress with important but persistently resistant leadership development goals.

                In this workshop you will:

                • Identify behaviours that are getting in the way of your development goals.
                • Address what beliefs and assumptions are blocking you from the changes you want to make.
                • Work on those limiting assumptions to unlock your potential and help you succeed in making long lasting changes.

                This workshop will provide teams with the necessary skills to break through limitations and reach their potential. It will bring your teams together to enhance your performance by maximising opportunities for growth of individuals and collectively, the team.

                This is not a publicly offered program so email [email protected] to book in your workshop.

                Michelle Sales/05 October 2021