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                What connection looked like for us this week

                Michelle Sales/25 November 2021
                3 minutes read time

                Last week we asked you “What does Connection mean to you?”

                This is what connection means to us

                This week we spent time together as a team, connecting on two things. Firstly, we took a step back and reflected on 2021, the successes, the challenges and learnings and our personal highlights. We gave feedback to each other on the positive contributions each person brings to our team. It’s really important for us to create the space and connection needed to do this well.

                Secondly, we co-created the focus and direction for 2022. We love Simon Sinek’s work on “Why” and believe when we start here deeper connection occurs. When we align to what we truly care about we find a shared and authentic sense of purpose.

                We believe in the power of the ripple effect. We focus on the development of truly impactful and connected leaders who in turn have a powerful impact on the world around them.

                Our values provide the foundation for our work together:
                We strive for Growth, We value Real Connection, We Commit

                What we know about ourselves is that we are courageous and optimistic about the future. We challenge ourselves to stay curious and open-minded about opportunities. We continually stretch and learn both individually and collectively to enable exceptional and unique client value. And we also love to have together time, take care of each other and work as one towards a shared purpose.

                Often connection is much more of a feeling. Feeling connected at a human level and being aligned on the things we most care about is essential to us.

                The second question we posed last week was what is this moment teaching you right now? This week has reinforced what we encourage our clients to do regularly, that is, take some time from the business of delivering work and running businesses to pause, connect and co-create your direction,focus and purpose.

                So, we pose this last question again to you “What will you do in the last few weeks left of the year to foster greater connection?” To reflect with your people and celebrate the successes and learnings. To set your intentions for 2022.


                Michelle Sales/25 November 2021