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                From Disconnected to Connected

                Michelle Sales/30 November 2021
                1 minute read time

                In our 2019 whitepaper The Connection Deficit we wrote about connection being what transforms an organisation from ‘everyone for themselves’ to one where everyone is rowing in the same direction.

                That is, a group of disconnected staff to a team of truly connected people. Our model shows the performance impact as deeper connections are developed and leveraged across organisations.

                The ability of leaders to help move people from feeling disconnected to connected is not always easy. It’s not a black-and-white process that we follow in a linear format, and it is certainly not a tick-the-box exercise.

                This whitepaper on why leaders must bring both head and heart to work to build trust, lift engagement and accelerate organisational results is as relevant and forward looking as ever.

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                Michelle Sales/30 November 2021