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                The Last P

                Michelle Sales/12 June 2023
                1 minute read time

                What gets measured, gets done. You’ve likely heard this before and we have said this before. The simple act of measuring something that is important to us brings focus and creates a better way to hold ourselves and others to account. But just as importantly it creates a spark of motivation towards that goal.

                We know that measuring the progress of your leadership impact is still the essential last P to success. However, the goal is not merely to have set metrics for leadership impact but rather to assess and understand the effect it is having on the problems you are looking to solve. What is the point of a beautifully written set of leadership KPI’s if they don’t go to the heart of what is keeping you awake at night?

                You can reflect on this 🤔

                How are you showing up and how is it landing? How much are you elevating your leadership through your practice? How much forward momentum or change are you promoting? But all these are rather subjective questions. They are measures of impact in constant flux and dependent on many factors. Not to be dismissed, but best pondered upon in the long haul.

                This month we’re looking for what can be considered as positive progress now. It is not so much about quantifying your impact, as it is about gaging how it can or is already contributing to speeding up the progress with your most pressing concerns.

                Measure your impact against outcomes ⏳

                For this, you need to firstly know what problem you want to prioritise and focus on evaluating how your leadership is affecting it. Secondly, you need to know the players well, your team or the people you are trying to influence, so you can see the changes in them, in their ways of working, their mindsets…

                Setting aside the overall purpose of being a leader of the future for a moment; what is it that you really need to target today? What is it that you are wanting to achieve or shift? If you have some engagement challenges in your team, for example, aim to have a meaningful 1:1 with each person this week.

                Join the dots ⚪ ⚪⚪

                Think how the specific leadership behaviour you’ve been practicing targets one problem. This way you are bound to make more headway and be able to assess the benefits of your actions more specifically.

                Outcomes will be achieved from the work you do on and with your team, by bursting the bubble. One of the most important points we are coming to terms with today is that leadership is a collective enterprise. The more people involved, whether it be through formal networks or at a higher level through common purpose, values or a shared mindset, the better, and the stronger the impact.

                Do not think of your impact in isolation, look at it from the perspective of the progress you want to make in order to solve for something. What value you are creating from the new habits you are implementing, truly, how is this affecting change in a positive way and thus helping your leadership and enhancing performance.

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                Michelle Sales/12 June 2023