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                The benefit of coming together

                Michelle Sales/06 February 2023
                1 minute read time

                Why is reconnecting so valuable?

                Fact #1: People who feel connected to their leaders and peers are more likely to remain with their organisations and act in ways that support the overall vision. 

                Fact #2: When employees are encouraged to connect, communicate and collaborate better, this leads to an increase in productivity, not to mention happiness and wellbeing. This, in turn, has a positive impact on retention.

                We often use these two undisputable facts to advocate the need to master the art of connection. The ability to connect with others is indeed a vital leadership skill, one that builds trust and enhances engagement and performance, but it cannot stop at ‘making that connection’.

                Reconnecting, is something slightly different and as vital. Reconnecting is an active process by which already connected teams and their leaders, are not only nurturing this human bond but also periodically revisiting what it is that connected them in the first place. What is their common purpose or intent, what is it that each one of them brings and how do they best work together. Strategy is one thing, finding out the preferences, thinking habits or strengths of your fellow workmates is something that requires effort and time.

                The benefit of coming together and reconnecting is to clarify your intent and maximise the potential of the individuals that, connected, work towards a common goal.

                Especially important, as we pointed out last week, is the fact that after a break, things often change. We need to reconnect to find out how to leverage this change, this injection of energy or new perspective brought on by the moment of distancing or pause.

                Reconnecting improves performance on many levels through presence, perspective, and prioritisation.

                Reconnecting confirms people’s presence. How is everyone showing up? What’s the energy level, motivation and engagement? It allows people to bring themselves ready to work, share their enthusiasm and rekindle collaborations and connections that inspire them. Inspired employees in turn, seek opportunities to better themselves and those around them.

                A period dedicated to reflecting on a set plan, strategy or vision, can often give way to questions or enhanced understanding. Reconnecting to each other and their common purpose allows teams to review that purpose from potential new perspectives and align their forward momentum in a way that is clear and productive.

                Having had an opportunity to realign to your purpose, and reconnect with your people, you are ready to set your priorities effectively.

                On a more human level, any chance to connect or reconnect, builds a critical foundation of trust in which employees feel valued, included, and safe.

                Michelle Sales/06 February 2023