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                Showing Up as the Real You

                Michelle Sales/25 September 2023
                1 minute read time

                Showing up as the real you signify true confidence as a leader. Having the capability to manifest genuine and grounded confidence implies that you possess a deep understanding of yourself.

                It means you can genuinely be yourself, consistently showing up as the best version of who you are. It goes beyond simply rolling out of bed, splashing some water on your face, and hoping you can manage whatever the day throws your way.

                Confidence stems from a belief that you can tap into your strengths and talents. You understand that you bring value to the table and that your contributions are both important and appreciated. Let's make this clear, confidence is not a personality trait, it’s the outcome of the ways we think and actions we take every day.

                Learning and maintaining this authentic confidence over an extended period isn't something that happens overnight. It's a journey that must be built from within. Relying on the "fake it until you make it" approach has its limitations. Trying to fake the confidence required to excel in your role can be draining and unsustainable.

                The best way to learn confidence to show up as the real you is through persistent dedication and the willingness to stretch your comfort zone. In doing so mastering your mindset, crafting your personal brand, and having strong support by your side.

                Keep challenging yourself and continuously ask, "If the strategies that got me where I am today won't take me to where I want to be tomorrow, what steps should I be taking now to elevate myself?"

                Leading authentically, showing up as the real you, is about being genuine and true to yourself while inspiring those around you. It's a powerful approach that builds trust, fosters collaboration, and drives positive change.

                By embracing your uniqueness and aligning your actions with your values, you'll not only become a more effective leader but also create a workplace culture where authenticity thrives. So, go ahead, show up as the real you, and watch as your leadership transforms both you and your team.

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                Michelle Sales/25 September 2023