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                Lead with Confidence

                Michelle Sales/18 September 2023
                1 minute read time

                Confidence is all about believing in yourself and your potential for success, no matter what challenge you're facing. Whether it's speaking in front of a big crowd, diving into new technology, leading a team, handling tough conversations, switching careers, or launching your own business – confidence plays a crucial role.

                In the workplace, especially if you find yourself in a leadership role, it's essential to step up and drive change. You've got to be confident to put yourself out there, make tough calls, and sometimes take it slow to ultimately move fast. This means standing your ground and having the confidence to trust in yourself.

                Here are some things you can ask yourself;

                What do I value?
                What is my purpose?
                And how resilient am I?

                If you want to succeed in today's competitive business world, one way to fall short is by staying silent when you should be speaking up. I often hear people say they're hesitant to voice their thoughts because they lack confidence and fear judgment. Many of us shy away from speaking up to avoid conflict. We tend to view conflict as something negative, instead of seeing it as a platform for healthy discussions. We must be willing to speak up, even when it's tough or goes against the grain or might lead to disagreements.

                As a leader, it's vital to reflect on your current habits and adapt as needed. Often, what worked today may not cut it tomorrow. To make progress, you've got to stretch your comfort zone, and having the self-assuredness to do so is crucial. Plus, staying attuned to your surroundings and what the ever-changing environment demands.

                Confidence and skill, along with a willingness to embrace some risk, are key factors for success in any job or industry. Stepping up with confidence involves honing your mindset and cultivating your personal brand. Keep stretching and consistently reflect on how you are showing up. By integrating this approach with other confidence-building skills, you'll gradually nurture your confidence and distinguish yourself and your leadership.

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                Michelle Sales/18 September 2023