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                Mastering Reconnection: The Benefits of Coming Together

                Michelle Sales/12 February 2024
                1 minute read time

                In the realm of effective leadership, mastering the art of connection is a well-established principle. But, why is reconnecting so valuable?

                People who feel connected to their leaders and colleagues are more likely to remain with their organisations and act in ways that support the overall vision. Encouraging communication and collaboration among employees not only enhances productivity but also contributes to their happiness and well-being, ultimately impacting retention.

                However, beyond the initial connection lies a concept equally crucial: reconnecting. Reconnecting is an active process that goes beyond establishing initial bonds. It involves leaders and teams revisiting the shared purpose or intent that brought them together in the first place. This process requires time and effort to understand each other's preferences, thinking habits, and strengths.

                The benefit of coming together to reconnect is the clarification of intent and the maximisation of individual potential toward a common goal. Especially important after a break, reconnecting allows teams to leverage changes, injecting new energy or perspectives gained during moments of distancing or pause.

                Reconnecting significantly enhances performance through improved presence, perspective, and prioritization. Confirming people's presence involves assessing energy levels, motivation, and engagement, ensuring everyone is ready to work and share enthusiasm. Inspired employees, in turn, seek opportunities for personal and collective growth.

                Reflection on a set plan or strategy often leads to questions or enhanced understanding. Reconnecting with a common purpose allows teams to review their objectives from new perspectives, aligning their forward momentum in a clear and productive manner.

                After realigning with purpose and reconnecting with team members, leaders are poised to set priorities effectively. On a human level, any opportunity to connect or reconnect builds a critical foundation of trust. Employees feel valued, included, and safe in an environment that fosters connection, contributing to a positive and productive workplace culture. In essence, the power of reconnecting is a vital element that elevates leadership to new heights, fostering collaboration, understanding, and shared success.

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                Michelle Sales/12 February 2024