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                Help People Live Their Purpose At Work

                Michelle Sales/28 November 2022
                1 minute read time

                One of the most important people strategies for organisations today should be to reflect, renew and reconnect to their “WHY”.

                Purpose, what matters in a person’s life, is not fixed or static. Our why can be resolute one day and wobble the next for various external and internal motives. Which is a good reason why there’s no wrong time for teams and organisations to check in and revisit the alignment between the overall company purpose or vision and how that is embedded in their employees day-to-day lived experience.

                The stability of our sense of purpose and fulfilment is rather dependent on a feeling of realisation. Purposefulness can be about striving towards something meaningful, it can be aspirational, but if we are not achieving some of that which gives meaning to our lives, we will not be productive, engaged or happy.

                Work is a source of meaning for many of us

                One of the most beneficial implications of organisational and individual purpose alignment is that of mutual reinforcement. Organisational successes will feel like personal achievements and likewise, when employees are feeling personally fulfilled, we can expect positive outcomes at work.

                We have often talked about the need for clarity of intent and purpose for teams and organisations from a performance angle. Having a clear purpose helps to set priorities and inform decisions. But let’s focus on purpose as it affects attracting and developing talent.

                Where there’s value alignment between the organisation and new recruits, it will help with adapting to the culture and adopting the brand. It also helps with talent retention for those that are already part of the organisation.

                You can’t know if your company’s purpose and values are going to align with potential talent. But what we understand now, is that current and potential employees are paying closer attention to the purpose of the organisation serving not only stakeholders, customers or the bottom line but also the community and world we live in. They want to see the purpose lived and want to feel in alignment with its impact.

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                Michelle Sales/28 November 2022