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                Have you got your ducks in a row?

                Michelle Sales/05 December 2022
                1 minute read time

                I’m talking about 2023. It is December after all and we’re all looking forward to winding down and starting the end of year celebrations, so let’s tick some boxes together.

                I’ve tied up loose ends to start the year with a clean slate

                  It’s ok if projects that were planned to go over the two years are still ongoing. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no need to be done with 2022 in a way that you are not allowing for continuity and deeper progress on certain aspects of your business. We’re not suggesting we start anew every year. But having pesky little things hanging over your head during the break because they were not finished on time is definitely not healthy or effective. You still have a couple of weeks to deal with those, make them a priority.

                  I’ve reviewed the strategy and set 2023 priorities

                    Are your goals aspirational and in alignment with your vision or purpose? Great, this will keep everyone engaged in the organisation. But what about smaller achievable goals to keep buckets filled and rewarding successes peppering the year? It is super important to set goalposts at different intervals and varied difficulty levels so as to not choke at the first attempt. Optimising your operating rhythm and setting clear expectations now will set you up to hit 2023 running.

                    I’ve made a plan for the development of the talent in my organisation in 2023

                      There’s nothing more motivating than starting the new year knowing your company has already planned something special for you. If people have any time during the break to think about their career, not having something that will personally satisfy them is the best way to start questioning what they’re doing and whether or not they should be moving on. This goes for all of us, leaders and employees alike. Personal resolutions will be set no matter what, so organisations would benefit from pre-empting and acknowledging employees needs ahead of the new year.

                      I’m prepared to have a well-deserved, replenishing, and restful break and allow others around me do the same

                        This end of year checklist and prep for 2023 is not going to be worth much if you start the year at zero. To make a difference, it is important that companies are organised to allow everyone to get a proper break. Most of us, luckily, can say but of course! However, some people have a little more difficulty taking time off, for personal or professional reasons, no judgement. Organisations can encourage and request that these breaks are taken as seriously as planning the strategy or delivering the work. Role modelling here is key.

                        Last but not least, it is time to connect with everyone who have, like you, gone through another year working, together, towards a common purpose, working to make things better. Show gratitude and have fun!
                        Michelle Sales/05 December 2022