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                Michelle Sales/29 May 2023
                1 minute read time

                We are in the last days of May, our month of embedding Practice into our leadership habits. 

                How is it going for you?

                I bet if we reflected together, we could really see some strong progress with how you are exercising leadership and having great positive impact. So let me ask you some questions to prompt your own reflection before your start measuring your progress in June.

                We’ve looked at creating habits, practicing, reflection, reframing, adapting and accountability as essential parts of this system that you have put in place to elevate your leadership impact. What about this experience has surprised you the most?

                If you have taken a risk:

                👉 How did it pay off?

                👉 How have you kept your routine going?

                👉 What has hasn’t gone so well? 

                👉 How can you learn and adjust?

                Practicing to create positive impact is like going to the gym, you may not feel anything the first time, you may feel some aches the second, third… up to the point when your muscles will start to feel familiar with the new moves and workouts. You are making it a targeted practice, legs, arms, flexibility… what are you doing reps for? It is only when reaching the 1000s time your impact will have the deliberate effect you’re after. It is then that you’re optimising performance and creating real positive impact.

                Ultimately simple is best.

                Stick to the one behaviour that is helping you make the most progress. Stick to that change that feels joyful, familiar now, that brings you energy and allows you to celebrate. Stick to what keeps you going back and repeat successfully. Once you’ve nailed that you can add to your practice.

                Next month (in a couple of days that is) we’ll be looking at measuring progress. If you are not quite clear what changes or behaviours are having the most impact you will soon find out. It is as essential as practicing, to measure your impact so that you know what is working well, what is not. It is also key to know the impact you’re having on others.

                Till then, trust the process, do your reps and remember, you’ve got this!

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                Michelle Sales/29 May 2023