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                Michelle Sales/26 June 2023
                1 minute read time

                How do you know what impact you are actually having? Well, you have to ask.

                Giving and receiving feedback is an essential part of measuring progress of any kind of leadership action and behaviour. Connected leaders are always seeking the return of their peers, teams, employees and other leaders alike to better understand how their leadership is landing.

                The leadership ripples of your impact can be felt across different people and places, in different ways so a wide range of feedback can provide plenty of perspectives to make a reasonable judgement of the progress you’re making.

                Maybe use those 1:1s and meaningful conversations we were talking about last week to set up a regular feedback loop with your team. And don’t think 1:1’s are just for your direct reports. Having meaningful 1:1 connections with your peers and key people on a regular basis will keep those feedback channels working well.

                Creating a safe environment where feedback is regular and consistent is possibly one of the first steps to take when thinking about the 3 Ps process. If you are planning to have any kind of leadership impact, a culture of feedback will exponentially drive your progress.

                When introducing this process, the planning, practicing and measuring progress of your impact steps we mentioned how these are all interrelated and feed off each other. Thus, knowing how your practice is working or not towards the outcomes you have set is key to planning the next step and so forth.

                Moreover, meaningful connection, conversations and a feedback culture all benefit the deepening of trust. A key element in our IMPACT model but more so, essential for any impact to have real effect. Only someone you truly trust will authentically affect what you want to do, how you want to be. Without trust, the impact ripple would fall flat.

                And that, would be a shame. 😕

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                Michelle Sales/26 June 2023