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                What is Intent and why is it so important?

                Michelle Sales/25 July 2022
                1 minute read time

                Clarity of purpose, absolutely but is that enough?

                Let’s say your team is clear on their direction, the why of their work and the contribution they make. The second biggest promoter of their success will be the alignment between the individuals’ inner why and purpose and that of the organisation. The connection between the two is so fundamental that without it, clarity of purpose won’t be enough, Intent goes deeper.

                What is the additional motivator to go the extra mile in that direction? To create enthusiasm for making a contribution to the why? Let’s call it belonging.

                The level of engagement and connection to the purpose will be directly affected by the way individuals feel that they belong. They belong in recognising the purpose as their own, in recognising their peers as their tribe, in recognising the organisation as a safe environment in which they are cared for, listened to and implicitly and explicitly recognised. Without belonging, no matter the clarity, progress will be slow or inexistent.

                Since the publication of Simon Sinek’sStart with Why leaders have invested in developing their capacity to establish their team’s purpose, their why. Teams understand why they do what they do, who they do it for and why they exist. This clarity and transparency in turn is used to drive decisions and prioritisation and to establish an intentional impact teams want to have.

                The clearer teams can be on their why and their purpose the greater their ability to inspire and motivate people. Purpose gives them direction and focus, but what of momentum?

                As we grow our IMPACT programs we have encountered this other dimension of Intent that can really affect performance. Momentum is the acceleration with which the team is able to effectively work towards that purpose and impact.

                A way to foster momentum is to check these components:

                • Does the why inspire you and your teams?
                • Will it energise your people to action?
                • Do they feel a sense of belonging to that purpose?

                An inspiring purpose that energises people will get the team in motion. Motivation and engagement will often come from that first move and then, momentum and speed can be gained.

                Belonging and momentum are to Impact and performance what mass and acceleration are to force in Newton’s second law of motion. They are multipliers that ultimately produce a greater force of impact.

                Leadership work doesn’t stop at creating clarity

                It is ever changing and needs of this forward motion and energy to unlock much of any teams potential and to enhance performance. But it also involves pausing and connecting and making sure people are feeling listened to and cared for, that they belong.

                Contact us if you would like to stay away from inertia and focus on the right amount of forward movement to have the intended force of impact for your team and organisation.



                Michelle Sales/25 July 2022