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                Start with Why. What's your Why?

                Michelle Sales/09 July 2024
                1 minute read time

                In leadership and in life, understanding your "Why" is paramount. It's the driving force behind your actions, the reason you get up in the morning, and the motivation that keeps you going when times get tough. This principle is exemplified by the annual Dry July campaign.

                Dry July is a month-long challenge where participants give up alcohol to raise funds for people affected by cancer. It's a movement that starts with a clear purpose: to make a tangible difference in the lives of those battling this disease.

                Leadership Lessons from Dry July

                Just like participating in Dry July, effective leadership starts with a clear "Why." Leaders who understand and communicate their purpose inspire others to join their cause and work towards common goals. When leaders align their actions with their purpose, they create a sense of trust and commitment within their teams.

                Angela's Why

                Angela Middleton from our team is participating in Dry July this year to raise funds for cancer support. For Angela, this cause is deeply personal, and she is driven by a desire to make a positive impact.

                You can watch her video here to understand more about her why.

                Your donation would mean a lot! Please consider supporting her campaign here.

                Dry July: A Global Movement

                Did you know that although Dry July started in Australia, it has gained popularity internationally? Participants in countries like New Zealand, Canada, and the UK also take part, united by the shared goal of supporting cancer patients and their families.

                Join the Movement

                Leadership is about inspiring others to take action. By sharing your "Why" and encouraging others to find theirs, you can create a ripple effect of positive change. Whether it's through participating in Dry July or leading a team at work, start with your "Why" and watch the difference it makes.

                Support the Cause

                To all the Dry July campaign foundations and participants worldwide, thank you for your dedication and commitment to making a difference. Let's continue to support each other and raise awareness for this important cause.

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                Michelle Sales/09 July 2024