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                Potential is the +1 we are looking for!

                Michelle Sales/28 August 2023
                1 minute read time

                Even the most high performing leader, team or organisation out there today cannot sustain their growth without tapping into their potential. Organisations may look elsewhere for renewed energy, new perspectives and high performance, but it is the potential of the people that are invested and know the place, that is most effective when cultivated.

                Research suggests that hiring new employees to fulfil certain roles may not be as productive as developing in house talent. The proven performance of candidates in one environment may be diminished by the change of circumstances, the change in team dynamics or the fact that they don’t find in the new workplace, the same opportunities and network that supported them before.

                🔍 So let’s recap!

                There are a number of ways you can nurture and develop the potential in yourself and others. Awareness being the cornerstone for any leader to leverage or develop what is right in front of them, sometimes within them, and what ultimately will bring most benefits to the organisation. But if you want to positively affect and influence outcomes, you cannot leave it all to trial and error or throwing people into the deep end practices.

                In the last few weeks we’ve seen how a curious and growth oriented mindset will keep us open to the opportunity. Whilst knowing our own strengths and the ability to stay confident in the skills we already have, to give new things a go, allow us to grab those opportunities as they come. Finally, a compassionate, caring and connected environment will provide the most inspiring space for all this to take place.

                These boosters are, with a little focus and attention, the drivers you can use to stretch potential. Make a habit of them, role model or encourage the behaviours that promote them and see possibilities and potential expand.

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                Michelle Sales/28 August 2023