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                Is Leadership a Noun or Verb?

                Michelle Sales/10 June 2024
                1 minute read time

                For over a decade, our Founder and Director, Michelle Sales, has had the privilege of working with leaders to help them realise and maximise their leadership potential. This reinstates that leadership is not a title or a position but a dynamic process - a verb, not a noun.

                To truly understand leadership, we must look beyond the conventional markers of authority and titles. Leadership is about identifying what individuals aspire to, where they currently stand, and the steps needed to bridge that gap.

                Leadership, at its core, is about action. It's in the deeds we perform to close the gap between our present state and our aspirations that real leadership manifests. Over the years, we have encountered a multitude of leadership styles, each unique and effective in its own way. This diversity highlights that there is no singular way to lead.

                In this context, leadership is not confined to a role, nor to specific styles, skills, or traits. It is about understanding context, strengths of your team, and the steps towards transformation and growth. Effective leaders are those who can adapt, act on their understanding, and inspire others to follow suit.

                This approach to leadership emphasises its nature as a verb. It’s about the continuous effort to add value and influence positively. Too often, people equate leadership with titles or positions, but true leadership is about influence and intentionality. John Maxwell encapsulates this idea perfectly, saying, “leadership is influence, and the best way to gain influence with people is to intentionally add value to them.”

                Anyone can exercise leadership. While not everyone may have the same capacity for leadership, everyone can learn to influence others and add value. So, how can you exercise leadership? Reflect on what actions you need to take to bridge the gap between your current reality and your aspirations. Leadership is within your grasp, not as a title to be claimed but as a series of purposeful actions to be executed.

                If you need any help or guidance on this journey, feel free to reach out. Together, we can explore how you can effectively exercise leadership and make a meaningful impact.

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                Michelle Sales/10 June 2024