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                IMPACT Program

                Michelle Sales/27 November 2023
                1 minute read time

                In the dynamic landscape of modern work, teams are the backbone of success. But simply assembling a group of individuals does not guarantee success. To truly thrive, teams must tap into the collective strength of their members, deepen trust, and hold themselves accountable. To be able to achieve success as a team, the leader's confidence and strength to facilitate this is the key to success.

                But how do you achieve this? Our Leadership IMPACT model helps leaders, and their teams maximise their potential to ultimately lift organisational performance and deliver outstanding outcomes.

                IMPACT Model

                The IMPACT model follows six key steps to enable teams to leverage one another’s strengths, deepen trust, and develop accountability.

                I: Intent
                – Getting teams aligned and focused on their purpose and Intentions;

                M: Mastering Potential
                – Unleashing the potential and confidence within teams;

                P: Pulse
                – Developing a strong Pulse and rhythm of processes, routines and structures where positive behaviour and culture is embedded into the team;

                A: Accountability
                – Clarity on who is accountable for what and behaviours that mean teams can challenge each other as peers rather than waiting for the "boss" to do this. Like Jim Kilts said Jim Kilts quote "A promise made is a promise kept";

                C: Communication
                – Aligning teams through honest dialogue. Teams need to be able to have passionate and unfiltered debates around ideas and issues of importance;

                T: Trust
                – leaders that create an environment of trust and role model behaviours that deepen trust. The better the foundation of trust the more likely teams will feel confidence about the future of the business and their ability to deliver.

                Enabling teams to leverage each other's strengths, deepen trust, and develop accountability is a journey that requires effort and commitment from all team members and leadership. When these elements are in place, teams can achieve complete alignment and clarity, making it easier to attain success and have the positive impact they strive for.

                Confident leaders play a pivotal role in uplifting their teams. Their belief in the team's capabilities, effective communication, and transparent accountability mechanisms create a nurturing environment where teams can flourish and achieve remarkable success.

                We loved working with this leadership team from AFCA and bringing their IMPACT to life...

                “An empowering program that focuses on collaboration, peer-led high performance and connection.” Gerri Hill, Executive General Manager Operational Delivery AFCA

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                Michelle Sales/27 November 2023