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                Holy Molly it’s the end of March already!

                Michelle Sales/29 March 2022
                3 minutes read time

                I don’t know about you, but this first quarter has just seemed to fly by!

                I talk to leaders often about the art of reflection. Being able to pause regularly to reflect on how you are showing up, how you are making progress, what you are learning and what you need to do differently.

                It’s not always easy to find the time and space to do this. For me I need some silence for reflection. If I’m with my team, I need to take myself away to a quiet corner. A flight is also good – more on the way there, not so much on the way back when I generally only feel like having a wine and a rest!

                Ultimately, I need to have a starting point for my reflection and posing some good and curious questions helps. The questions above are the ones I’m using for my first quarter reflection and they may help you as well.

                1. How am I showing up?

                For those of you that have done strength profiling with me, you will be familiar with reflecting on what you are great at, what you find energising and how often you are bringing those strengths to your work. One of the themes of my strength profile is drive, growth and action which can mean I get ahead of myself, impatient and want everything done yesterday. So, in managing that this quarter sometimes I’ve done well and sometimes I’ve ended the week exhausted.

                Managing my energy remains as important as ever in the work that I do. It’s no surprise to me that I am loving being back face to face with clients and facilitating amazing programs with great humans. But it is somewhat of a surprise that I am also loving the continued online environment. Not only does it provide the opportunity to manage my energy differently, but it’s opened up a world of clients that we normally couldn’t get to apart from long haul flying! Hybrid working is here to stay and it is definitely for me!

                2. How am I making progress?

                My husband uses a footy analogy for lots of things in life. So, in applying that here we are now at the end of the first quarter. It’s not yet time for the oranges but it is time to reflect on what’s working, what’s not and get ready to go again. Deane and I are heading into a new adventure over the next few months and have bought acreage and a mix of country and beach lifestyle to call home. That has meant that as well as work we have been super busy selling our home and getting ready to move. Progress is being measured in different ways and I’ll look forward to sharing how that all pans out in the next quarter review!

                3. What am I learning?

                Let go of what I can’t control. It’s an oldie but a goodie. And it’s good to keep applying these lessons. Work wise we are again adapting and finding new and innovative ways to make hybrid leadership facilitation great. And on the personal front selling our home was mostly out of our control but having a great agent that we trusted made the process a whole lot better!

                Reflection is as much art as it is science. Leaders ask me often how to build this important leadership muscle as it’s more than just popping an hour in our diary each week. If you are finding reflection a challenge try asking yourself these simple questions as we approach the end of the first quarter. Perhaps do this with a friend or colleague that you trust. And dig deep. It will set you up well as you head into the half time break!!


                Michelle Sales/29 March 2022