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                How to Cultivate Confidence in your Team and go from Good to Great as a Leader

                Michelle Sales/11 October 2022
                Business Franchise

                As far as the public was concerned, the 1970 Apollo 13 mission was just another routine space flight. That was until we heard the
                words, 'Houston, we have a problem' (well, in the movie anyway).

                The movie highlighted just how infectious Gene Kranz's confidence was. 'We've never lost an American in space and we sure as hell ain't gonna lose one on my watch,' he tells his assembled flight team. 'Failure is not an option!'

                Would this have been so inspiring (and effective) if Kranz wasn't able to lead with confidence? lf he wasn't able to inspire his team to believe chat they could make the impossible happen?

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                Michelle Sales/11 October 2022